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Blue mountain film + Media festival

FESTival recap

a big thank you to all our amazing volunteers!

fest fave

the teacher who promised the sea
Director: Patricia Font
Screenwriter: Francesc Escribano, Albert Val
Producer: Carlos Fernández, Laura Fernández, Francesc Escribano, Tono Folguera
Cast: Enric Auquer, Laia Costa
Burgos, Spain, 1935: a new teacher arrives at the village school. His first act is to remove the crucifix from the wall. Soon he’s instructing his young charges in the art of the waltz and setting up a printing press in the classroom. The children love him, but their parents are scandalized. Based on a true story, Patricia Font’s drama excavates a dark period in Spanish history.

Canadian Short Winner

Director: Lisa Robertson
Screenwriter: Lisa Robertson
Producer: Lisa Robertson, Elizabeth Saunders, Paul M Toth
Cast: Elizabeth Saunders, Pegah Ghafoori
A mother’s uncomfortable reunion with her daughter exposes how their deep bond broke and why it may remain forever – in pieces.
Along with her win Lisa was presented an award from Urban Post Production of $15,000 for post production.
If you missed the screening, watch it on CBC’s Short Film Face Off when it airs this September.

New This year

introducing the world of filmakers in the Digital media field

Dive into the digital media realm of YouTube and TikTok with the Buffer Festival screening, where we celebrated digital narrative and shine a spotlight on the world of digital filmmakers. This special screening showcased films from creators such as Tope Babalola, Marie Stella, Julie Nolke, and more. It included a Q&A session following the films and an additional chance to mingle with the creators at a post-screening hangout at MJ Byrne’s Irish Pub in the Village.

Featured creative forum Speakers

Listen to some great interviews of people in the industry

See the films featured at the 2024 festival

poster Design contest

This year Blue Mountain Film + Media Festival held a poster design contest. There were so many stunning entries. A big thank you to everyone who submitted. 

This year our winner was Hazik Amir. Hazik drew inspiration from the festival’s theme, “See the World Through Blue,” and its mission to bring global cinema to our local community. His aim was to evoke the thrill of discovering new stories and cultures through cinema.

Hazik is a multi-talented individual, working as a filmmaker, screenplay writer, and graphic designer. With a passion for storytelling, whether through written word or visual art, he brings a unique perspective to every project.  

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