Movie Awards and Quotes

Movie Awards and Quotes

Movie Awards and Quotes

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Audience Award Winner Santa Barbara IFF, Vancouver IFF and 7 other film festivals.

Deadline: “Call Me Dancer reaches the heart through the archetypal quest of the film’s hero, and the charm of Manish Chauhan….The film’s biggest drawing point, naturally, is the dancing of Manish, who performs acts of stunning strength and agility with the joy of someone born to dance.”

Winner Sundance Audience Award, Winner Berlinale ARTE Internaitonal Prize

IndieWire: “With her first feature, Talati expertly captures the quiet wonder and aching intensity of adolescence, first love, and caring about someone whose dueling duties and desires sometimes stop them from behaving as they know they should….“Girls Will Be Girls” supports its heroines by acknowledging that the foremost battles for liberation take place at home, in school, or alone in a room while blasting your favorite song.”

Won 2024 Sundance Film Festival’s Directing Award


Nordic Docs: Best Cinematography

THR: “Songs of Earth is not a small movie. It’s a documentary that should be seen on the biggest screen at your disposal — whatever showcases its epic cinematography to its best advantage.”

Göteborg FF Winner Best Acting, Nominated Best Nordic FIlm

Based on a real life story.

Multiple Award nominations and wins: Winner of Gaudi Audience Award, Nominated for Goya (Spain’s main annual film awards) Best Actor, Score, Screenplay

Variety: “A last summer of nanny-child togetherness is detailed in a debut made dazzling by an astonishingly intricate performance from its six-year-old star.”

Winner, Best Director, International Cinephile Society Awards, Named Top 10 international films of the year by CinEuphoria Awards, Best Original Screenplay and Best Director at Spain’s Cinema Writer’s Circle Awards, Nominated for 10 Goya Awards

Variety: “This exquisite, unhurried exercise in melancholy will mean most to existing fans of the Spanish master, but it’s moving enough to make some new ones.”

DOC LA: Audience Award & Best Director

The Wrap: “Happy Clothes” gives us an intriguing snapshot of a creative force who can mix patterns and colors more fearlessly than anyone in the business.

Best Cinematography, Göteberg FF.

Screen International: “An involving human drama notable for the quality of the acting and a successful return to Europe for director Daniel Espinosa after a string of starry Hollywood ventures stretching from Safe House (2012) to Morbius (2022)…. Espinosa takes a measured, unsensational approach to events, carefully building tension as Almaz has to choose between the easy pickings of a life of crime or the dangers in opposing it. The knowledge that the story is grounded in the experiences of the some of the refugees who feature in the film adds to the power of what is at stake.”

Best Film, Irish Film & TV Awards 2024 (Irish Oscars)

The Guardian: Irish critics gave That They May Face the Rising Sun rapturous reviews, as did festival audiences in Santa Barbara and Gothenburg. “People were laughing at every joke that’s in the film and I was thinking: ‘God, it’s amazing how well it’s translating. I didn’t expect that.’”

Cannes, Best Director + Cesar Award nominations for best cinematography, production design. Plus multiple international Awards and nominations.

The Guardian: “Tran Anh Hung’s simmering gastro-romance is the latest dish in a cinematic feast ranging from The Godfather to The Lunchbox… The film’s greatest pleasures are in its extended sequences of preparation and process; the silently, adoringly intuitive collaboration between Magimel and Juliette Binoche’s fellow cook; the thrill of watching experts at work.” —Guy Lodge

The Guardian: “Whimsy and realism combine in big-hearted romance…. Here’s a rousing empowerment-anthem of a movie that’s not afraid to paint its romance plotline in big, bold brushstrokes”

Variety: “A musical rom-com drama, “Chuck Chuck Baby” underscores the power of female companionship through the ups and downs of life.”

Winner of 7 Awards at Venice Film Festival, Best International Film & Best Director, CinEphoria Awards, Best Polish Film, Polish Film Critics Award, Audience Chice Award at Chicago IFF

Variety: ““Green Border” is a heart-in-mouth thriller set on the Polish-Belarusian border that wraps its social critique in the razor wire of punchy, intelligent cinematic craft in order to elicit precisely such emotions. If we can feel the horror, perhaps there is hope. “

Nomintaed for Cannes FF Palme d’Or, Cahiers du Cinéma – Best Film Nominee, Cesar Award nominations: Best Director, Best Actress, Most Promising Actor, Best Screenplay

Variety: “Returning to the provocative power games that shaped her reputation, the controversial ‘Fat Girl’ director delivers another unnerving anti-romance with this French-language remake of ‘Queen of Hearts.'”

Sundance Grand Jury Prize Winner, World Cinema

Variety: “An optimistic entry in a traditionally brutal genre, “Sujo” is a story about defying gravity…Tense Mexican Drama Plays Like ‘Boyhood,’ Except With the Son of a Sicario as Its Subject… At Sundance, filmmakers Astrid Rondero and Fernanda Valadez took home the Grand Jury Prize for this optimistic alternative to violent drug war movies.”

2024 Canadian Screen Award Nominee: Performance, Music, Screenplay, SXSW Nominated Audience Award

That Shelf: “Driven by a trio of excellent performances, a refreshingly authentic sense of humour, and a fine eye for the magic of cinematic escapism that inspires us become more grounded when the lights come back up, The Queen of My Dreams is unlike anything we’ve seen before. It’s refreshing to see such a joyous film move the needle forward.”

Nominated for Golden Camera Award, Cannes FF 2023. Senegal’s Oscar Entry. The only debut feature to premiere in competition at Cannes Film Festival last year.

THR: “The director’s vision is unequivocally beautiful. Sy paints breathtaking scenes with her camera, demonstrating a gorgeous way of seeing the world.”

Nominated, Best Documentary Palm Springs International Film Festival

Sight & Sound: “The fascinating story of the unofficial Women’s World Cup… A cautionary tale about the corrosive impact of institutional sexism on women’s hearts, minds and bodies.”

Nominated at Cannes FF, Un Certain Regard, Golden Camera. Nominated for Best New Director, São Paulo FF.

Screen International: ” Premiering in Un Certain Regard, this first Mongolian film to play in Cannes official selection is a drama which is rooted in the political but is never heavy-handed.”

Norway’s selection for best international feature at next year’s Academy Awards
Toronto Star Critic Picks: 10 Best Documentaries at Hot Docs.

In the Seats: “The key to understanding ourselves is learning through the perspectives of others, and Hubbard has created a film that speaks to the importance of understanding who we are, and what here truly matters.”

Tribeca FF: Winner Best Editing, Nominated Best Documentary at Swedish Film Awards

THR: “Bloodline Mysteries Meet True Crime in a Riveting Scandi Doc…an astounding and cleverly structured exploration of serendipity, faith, social divisions, family ties and personal identity.”

Gaudi Awards: Winner, Audience Award. Audience Award,Sonoma Film Festival. Officially the 2023 sleeper hit in Spanish Theaters.

El Diario:“This film is a thing of beauty.”
El Cine En La Ser: “A story about memory and the revolutionary power of education.”

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